The Wedding Ceremony is one of the most important parts of your Wedding Day. Today we share some tips & guidelines on Ceremony Choices for your Beautiful Wedding in Ireland.

A Wedding Ceremony whether civil or religious normally has the same basic structure a processional, opening,vows & ring exchange,pronouncement,closing remarks and a recessional.

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Civil Ceremony

A civil wedding ceremony is the legalisation of your union as a married couple by an official and is a non-religious ceremony. In Ireland it can be conducted by a civil registrar in their chambers or indoors at an approved venue and it will have a set order of service with no bespoke options.

A civil ceremony can also be conducted by Humanists,Interfaith Ministers and other approved spiritual solemnizers. These ceremonies allow for a more personalised & bespoke ceremony usually with lots of scope for the couples input. This personal input can include writing your own vows, introducing own readings/poetry and so on. Many of these officiants will bring a wonderful unique Celtic part to your wedding with Irish traditions such as Hand Fasting & some gaelic.

If you would like a more unique wedding ceremony with secular music & songs, readings, art performances a civil ceremony conducted by an alternative approved solemnizer could be the right choice for you.

A civil ceremony can be held anywhere from the registration office to a castle and even at the Cliffs of Moher! All of our spectacular elite partner venues from castles to manor houses to coastal havens offer stunning backdrops for your Wedding Ceremony.

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Religious Ceremony

A religious wedding ceremony is for the couple where one or both are practicing the relevant religion . Religious ceremonies available in Ireland include Protestant, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian & Jewish. For most religious denominations the marriage must be performed by someone ordained in the faith.

Having a religious ceremony allows you to be in a religious space like a church. These edifices are full of history and are often a part of the country’s heritage. It will give to your wedding ceremony a particular atmosphere,more formal feel but quite often it is the fairytale.

A religious ceremony can also have the civil element as part of it so is legally binding & recognized as such all over the world!

Approved Solemnizers

All officiants who include the legalities as an element of their ceremony must be on the approved list of solemnizers in Ireland .

Destination Wedding Couples can bring their own Officiant from Abroad

You can bring your own officiant to conduct your ceremony both civil & non civil ie you may decide to do the legalities in the USA prior to coming to Ireland.

For an officiant from overseas to perform the civil ceremony /church ceremony they will need to be approved & placed temporarily on the approved list of solemnizers of Ireland.They will also require separate approval from the relevant church.

Outdoor Ceremony

Ireland is the ideal setting for your outdoor wedding ceremony and as our climate doesn’t ever become too hot your guests won’t feel under pressure in the extreme heat of some other European & American destination wedding locations but sunblock & shades maybe required !

Getting married in an outdoor ceremony allows you to enjoy the natural setting of your venue whether its the coast line of your coastal venue, the gardens of an Irish manor or the sheer splendour & fairytale of a castle. You can incorporate lots of the surrounding elements of nature including trees, meadows, forest, flowers and sea create stunning backdrops for your wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, this kind of Ceremony is very weather depended so if you choose to get married outdoors, make sure to have an indoor backup venue in case of bad weather.

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Indoor Ceremony

The main advantage of an inside Ceremony is that you don’t have to worry about the weather: rain or heat won’t change the ceremony location for your big day. If you are looking for the candlelight fairytale ceremony then the indoors will work wonderfully for you as natural day light can quite often be reduced or banished with drapes ! Or you can decide to let the space untouched, to let your guests be transported by the authenticity of an Irish castle.

In summary the West Coast of Ireland offers you lots of option for your fairytale wedding ceremony and with a relatively straight forward legal process Ireland is the only location for your Destination Wedding. And no translation required as we speak English !

Same Sex Wedding in Ireland

Both same sex as well as opposite sex marriages are possible in Ireland. The procedure for both is similar – see above.

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