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How To Achieve The Hair Of Your Dreams is today’s fashion blog post.

Wedding Season is upon us and we all want to have the perfect hair to fit the occasion. This is a task we are all faced with, some of us with more ease than others! And we all have moments where we just can’t get it together, especially if you are rushing around and did not get time to book an appointment with a trusted stylist.

So, don’t fret because we have ticked another task off your to-do list and you can rest assured that if you follow the top tips from own hair specialist Cathriona Rohan you will know how to achieve the hair of your dreams!



Get More Hold From Your Curl.

When curling your hair make sure to pin each curl as you go, by doing this you it hold the curl longer to give you that perfect curl.

How To Achieve The Hair Of Your Dreams

To get volume from blow drying.

Blow-dry sopping-wet hair upside down to redirect the root for extra volume. Here in Cathrionas we like to add Kevin Murphy’s body builder product . After the hair is 60 percent dry, flip your head upright and continue to blow-dry while picking up the root, this will give the hair loads of body & volume.

The Pony tail needs volume too!
A lot of the time women put there hair in a pony tail & only backcomb the the ponytail, but the fact is you want to back comb the whole head to get that all around volume . The one product I would recommend for this hairstyle would be the Kevin Murphy body builder this give great volume.

How To Achieve The Hair Of Your Dreams

Covering Up.

If you are worried about any of the reliable Irish rain, you can protect your  hair from getting damaged by wrapping your hair in a silk scarf before putting on your hair.

How To Achieve The Hair Of Your Dreams

Deep conditioning.

Once a week use a deep conditioner on your hair. Dry hair tries to soak in the moisture from the air which results in frizz by deep conditioning once a week for 10 mins every week it will help seal the hair and prevent the airs moisture from seeping in, this will give you stronger smoother hair this Summer.



Armed with lots of tips for the perfect hair we wish you a wonderful stylish wedding season.

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