Wedding Planning can be full of surprises so today we share our “9 Wedding Planning Things No One Will Tell You” to help you foresee and hopefully prevent lots of the pitfalls!

The Groom-To-Be

While your groom to be may not care about things you felt he would like the food and entertainment he could surprise you by caring about things you never dreamed he would. Whether it’s the colour of your flowers & the boutonniere he will be wearing or the quality of the paper for the invitations your spouse is sure to have a couple of strong opinions on some things.

Everyone Is A Wedding Pro

Whether it is to have a band or not or even wear white or not people will be full of opinions and this will be even if you don’t ask for them. When it comes to weddings everyone is a pro! Remember it is your day, stick to your guns and rely on your team of pros for wholesome, impartial advice.

Unforeseen Expenses Will Pop Up

Unfortunately even with the best kept budget you will decide you want something not included in the budget! It can be overspend on the dress or you need to transport overseas guests not hiring a car! And remember most men will not understand the need to hire in chairs for the reception or have peonies instead of carnations as your main flowers!


Despite providing guests with at least two ways to RSVP up to half may not have replied by the RSVP date! If you are having a destination wedding you have a better chance as guests need to book flights! After the RSVP date has passed pending how close it is to the wedding day give 3 – 7 days grace before you begin following up with those that haven’t RSVP!

Thank You Gifts

While you will have allowed for the wedding party & possibly parents don’t forget the flower girls, uncle who drove the bridesmaids and your cousin who made the cake! If you find it running into double digits consider having a pre /post wedding lunch for all who contributed to the wedding in lieu of individual gifts!

Time With The Groom On Wedding Day

While having a large car /shuttle transporting you and all the wedding party from the ceremony to the reception can be fun it is a prime time for you & new husband to have some time alone before the madness of the reception & more photo time! Another valuable time can be when all the guests are called into dinner there will be some time for you both to have a breather and recap on the wonderful day so far!

Unlike The Movies, Getting Married Isn’t A Fairytale!

Planning a wedding is a lot of hard work, endless hours of research, planning & meetings! A reason to consider hiring a professional wedding planner who will ease the burden & pressure no end for you and a good one will make back their fees in vendor discounts providing you with more time and stress free planning in a timely manner!


If you have employed the services of a professional wedding planner all of the back up plans & guidelines will be in place! However if not you will need to have contingency plans in situ for all of the plans!! A backup plan in case it rains. A plan to keep toasts to a minimum as if they run over it will eat into your dancing time! A plan if the DJ doesn’t show!

Post Wedding – Returning Of Items

You may have hired items including suits, cake stands, & white carpet which need to be returned. In most cases the hire company will deliver/collect but you may have decided against it to save some money! Ensure to delegate the returning of items to trustworthy guests well in advance of the wedding or all the savings you made could be lost!

Hopefully we will help you to foresee lots of your Wedding Planning pitfalls in advance and avoid lots of stress & strain caused by what should be a fairytale time !!


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