Your guests will put a lot of effort and expense and take time to attend your destination wedding so it very important to take care of them and make the process as seamless as possible.Today we share “9 Things Guaranteed To Make Your Destination Wedding Guests Happy” ensuring they go away from your wedding feeling absolutely delighted and over joyed that they had made the big trip!

9 Things Guaranteed To Make Your Destination Wedding Guests Happy

Wedding Website 

The single biggest assistant for guests traveling to your destination wedding can be your wedding website. This is a terrific medium to put your wedding details on including the itinerary, information on accommodation, flights, activities,dress codes and transportation. Don’t forget to add some general information such as weather,currency and the locality.


Obviously you can only pay for what the budget will allow but it will be very well appreciated if you do include some additional meals for the group such as the rehearsal dinner & a welcome reception perhaps. Also if budget permits you might like to pay for some further items for the wedding party to ease the cash burden of attending your wedding . These could include some of the following accommodation,transportation,contribution towards flight,hair & make up & of course the wedding day attire.

9 Things Guaranteed To Make Your Destination Wedding Guests Happy

Making Reservations

When booking your venue ensure that there is accommodation on site or close by for your guests. And hopefully you can negotiate special group rates at the chosen venue /close by accommodation so your guests will receive a discount on the published rates.Put up all details of the accommodation along with the reservation process on the website so your guests can make their reservations easily.

Pre /Post Wedding Activities

Very important to let your guests know from early on details of your hosted pre /post wedding activities so they can schedule the time with their wedding attendance. This can be done by placing details of the pre /post activities such as day trips,rehearsal dinner & post wedding reception on the website and include details on the itinerary you send out with the invitations(or it maybe a link to the website). Good idea to ensure your activities suit the wide demographic range you are sure to have at your destination wedding.

9 Things Guaranteed To Make Your Destination Wedding Guests Happy

Special Assistance

Seek out guests who have special needs to ensure they feel welcome & wanted at your wedding. So whether it is the availability of a wheelchair or a golf buggy to transport someone with a walking disability or a cot & babysitting facilities for parents of young children ensure word reaches the relevant guests well in advance of the wedding to avoid them stressing over attending the wedding.

Welcome Bags

Nothing can say welcome & thank you for coming more than a welcome bag/basket for your guests on arrival. If it is a toss between having these & favours it is acceptable to loose the favours! Pending your budget the welcome basket can include foodies items, water/soft drinks, a local favourite such as Irish Whiskey or Baileys,cookies,fruit and some Irish chocolates. If budget permits perhaps add a souvenir gift such as piece of Irish crystal,pottery,book on the region.

9 Things Guaranteed To Make Your Destination Wedding Guests Happy

Superb Food & Beverage Selection

The quality & variety of food served during your wedding celebrations is very important. You need your guests to say after each & every meal how good the quality & service of the food was.

Ensure your venue can cater for guests with special dietary requirements including vegetarian & vegan or food allergies .

If you are hosting two or three receptions perhaps vary the service type to include full sit down,food stations/buffet and passed. These meals /receptions are a great opportunity to introduce your guests to local Irish fare whether seafood or Irish Beef or even a more traditional dish such as a Irish stew.

The beverage selection too allows you to introduce some local fare too perhaps do an Irish whiskey tasting or serve Guinness & Oysters or Baileys Irish Cream as your liquor or black velvet as your signature cocktail.

While an open bar is not the standard in Ireland if you are coming from USA to Ireland for your wedding it is important to continue the norm as some of your guests may actually turn up without funds! If budget does not permit the full open bar,a beer & wine open bar is very acceptable.

Important also to serve wine with dinner as it has become quite the norm for most people to have some wine with dinner.

Obviously cater for those who do not drink alcoholic drinks by serving soft drinks/sodas also.

9 Things Guaranteed To Make Your Destination Wedding Guests Happy

Spend Time With Your Guests

Your guests have gone to a lot of trouble,time & expense to attend your wedding so is very important that you spend lots of time with them. Remember the honeymoon gives you time on your own !

Thank You Notes

Finally & most important ensure to send out “Thank You” notes after the wedding to extend your appreciation to your guests for making the wedding journey with you! It can even be a souvenir card with one of your wedding day images on it.

9 Things Guaranteed To Make Your Destination Wedding Guests Happy

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